The New PYR Sensors Serie

InOut Digital is pleased to announce a new series of infrared motion sensors designed to integrate with network players for intelligent interactive applications.

The new line consists of three new models available in white or dark gray: PYR-L12, PYR-S12 and PYR-S5.

InOut PYR-L12 is characterized by a wide opportunity to program the essential parameters, such as inhibition times, the trimmer that regulates the exit time, multiple activations directly from the sensor. The relay output allows it to be used in synergy with the din and panel players NP-2 and NP-5 and also with third-party devices, ensuring greater application flexibility.

The PYR-S12 and PYR-S5 models, respectively with coverage of 12 and 5 meters, can be programmed through the web interface of the NP-10 network player, ensuring complete application customization.

The new PYR series replaces the previous offer of infrared sensors, renewing the InOut portfolio once again from a network perspective.

The new PYR presence sensors, associated with the InOut players, lend themselves to acoustically design commercial environments, exhibition stands, leisure centers and wellness areas, positively influencing the user experience within the specific environments or offering timely communication to the customer entrance.

The entire PYR series is already available.


Sensore pyr-l12