Alerting and Security

InOut offers a range of high reliability and easy to connect products, when there is the need to synchronize pre-recorded audio alert messages. The products have a compact design and a very small case and they are particularly suitable for installation in small spaces, for playback and amplification of alarm messages related to video surveillance systems, industrial processes, automated or integrated with synoptic panels.

Reproduction of pre-recorded messages for video surveillance system – Message playlist activated by motion sensor

  • Message playlist activated by the motion sensor
  • Blocking time adjustable between 2 detections
  • Automatic playback of alarm messages
  • Timer operation of the sensor with on / off input
  • Amplifier to locally drive the speakers (100 W)
  • Control and status monitoring by tablet / smartphone
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Synoptic Panel with audio messages

  • Start/stop of industrial automatisms with warning messages
  • Mono 15W output amplifer
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