Multizone Audio

InOut offers products for multi-zone amplification with a slim design and compact case, suitable for fixed installation in very small spaces. The use of the most recent components, with low heat dissipation and consequently lower operating temperature, ensures the continuous operation without overheating problems. The system allows a manual volume control for each zone and can be connected to a centralized system for operation control and monitoring.

Background music and selectable ads with centralized control for multi-room applications

  • One DA250-P in every cabin for stereo music listening
  • Local source selection
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Background music and commercials on eight zones

  • One player with several music playlists with a scheduling of commercials
  • Two amplifers that drive the loudspeakers of 8 rooms
  • Manual volume controls on every room
  • Centralized system for live control and status monitoring
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Soundround 5.1 configuration

  • 2x80W front + 160W center + 2x80W surround channels
  • 160W sub channel