Where an invisible acoustic diffusion is required, the dynamic exciter ST25 is the ideal solution. Perfect for reproducing messages and background music in advertising totems and in various other applications, when applied on a plane surface it transforms the panel itself in a loudspeaker. The types of material where it can be applied are the most disparate, from wood to plastic or composite materials, to metal laminates. Frequency response and efficiency are dependent by the type of material and by the geometry of the panel, with best performances on materials as honeycomb panels with Mylar® or aluminium cells.

Technical Features

Max Power: 15W
Frequency Response: 125-12Khz (type of material and geometry dependent).
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohm
Mounting: Bi-adhesive supplied
Connections: 50 cm wire not terminated
Dimensions: Height 26.2 mm, diameter 63 mm
Weight: 140 gr.


Environmental Background selectable from synoptic panel

  • Button for playlist/music selection
  • Control and settings via tablet / smartphone