DA 250-P

  • DA 250-P is a versatile and reliable two-channels power amplifier with innovative circuits and SMT technology.
  • Very compact case and thin design, the best in fixed installation with very small spaces, for dual-channel amplification, Surround  or multi-zone.
  • Very low noise and distortion levels at any power, performance caught-up thanks to the exclusive use of high class components.
  • Using D-class high quality power amplifiers, the DA 250-P has a very low thermal dissipation, with a consequently low running temperature, that assure a long time fully loaded work without overheating problems.
  • VCA volume control for each channel that make this two-channels power amplifier suitable for applications where remote level control is needed.
  • Protection circuits against DC, Subsonic Frequencies, Short Circuits, High Temperature, HF.
  • LEDs indicate the operation status of the amplifier as: power, signal presence, peak, fault, aux in, mute.
  • Fault logic output on removable connector for  protection status reporting.
  • Low impedance balanced audio input on Phoenix removable connectors.
  • Auxiliary (AUX) balanced audio input for external sources with corresponding audio AUX switching logic input.
  • Mute enabling logic port.
  • Aux input logic port
  • Power output on removable connectors that accept section cables up to 2,5 mm2.
  • Input signal adjustment trimmer for each channel.
  • RS485 serial interface allows to connect up to 255 amplifier units to external control systems for status monitoring and volume control for each channel.
  • Output power: 2x50watt@4Ω.
  • Output power in bridge mode 1x100watt@8Ω.
  • Speaker’s load from 4 to 16Ω.
  • AC mains supply 110-230Vac on IEC 320 C5 plug.
  • Compact metal case with quick fit system

Technical Features

Output power Single Ended: 2 x 50watts / 4Ω nominal load (THD+N* = 10% typ)
Output power in bridge mode: 1 x 100watt@8Ω
Total Harmonic Distortion + noise: 0,05%
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz 0dB/-3dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: (A-Weighted) 100 dB
High-pass filter: 2nd order 12dB per octave, 30/100/160 Hz switchable
Dynamic range: 100dB
Input impedance: 10kΩ
Maximum input: +22dBu
Sensitive input range: -22dBu / -5dBu
Remote level control: Attenuate 256 steps
Control System AC Mains Supply: 110/230Vac ±10% 50/ 60Hz (Auto ranging)
Power supply: 100W PFM switching mode
Fault flag out (Remote fault reporting): open collector logic and fault relay
Size: 109mm (H) x 141mm (W) x 41,5mm (D)
Weight: 640g
Color: Custom InOut dark blue


Background music and selectable ads with centralized control for multi-room applications

  • One DA250-P in every cabin for stereo music listening
  • Local source selection

Conference room and alerts from a security point

  • DA 250-P drives two speakers installed in the room
  • In case of urgent messages the system automatically switches to auxiliary input

Reproduction of pre-recorded messages for video surveillance system - Message playlist activated by motion sensor

  • Message playlist activated by the motion sensor
  • Blocking time adjustable between 2 detections
  • Automatic playback of alarm messages
  • Timer operation of the sensor with on / off input
  • Amplifier to locally drive the speakers (100 W)
  • Control and status monitoring by tablet / smartphone

Typical Shop Application

Scheduled On/Off control:
  • Audio amplifier
  • Mirror’s ligts
  • Automatic doors
  • Monthly/ weekly/daily schedule
  • Ads loop
  • Playlist / background music