Da 480-R

4 ch. compact T class power amplifier, power output: 4 x 80w @ 4 ohms (all 4 ch. driven) or 2 x 160w @ 8 ohms (bridge mode), 4 VCA level control ports , balanced inputs with individual Cermet trim pot, 2 x fully programmable potential free C\NC relay outputs, 2 x TTL fault outputs, RS 485 serial port (up to 255 devices), HPF filter 30\160Hz on each channel, 3 speed micro-controlled 1,8’ fan, Hi-Tech PFC micro-controlled switch mode PSU (PFM\PWM), front panel LED’s for: power, signal presence, peak and fault, original removable strip barrier Phoenix connector, ultra light weight (1,8Kg.), dimensions: 44-H x 216-W x 210-D mm., 1\2 rack U enclosure compatible with both optional RM-30 (rack mount tray) and FP30 (filling panel) accessories

AT 480-R

Four high quality torroidal transformers enclosed in a half 19” rack unit case, fully compatible with the RM30 and FP30 accessories, make the AT480-R the perfect way to use the DA480-R in the 100V sound systems lines and the included patch cord to couple these two devices makes their use very simple.

DA 250-P

DA 250-P is a versatile and reliable 2 x 50W@4 ohm power amplifier with innovative circuits and SMT technology. Very compact case and thin design, the best in fixed installation with very small spaces, for dual-channel amplification, Surround or multi-zone.