Background Music

InOut has a series of products and accessories for the playback of background music. They allow the local selection of the music source, a manual volume control for each zone and they can be connected to a centralized system for operation control and monitoring.


Background music and commercials on eight zones

  • One player with several music playlists
  • A second player with a scheduling of commercials
  • Two ampli ers that drive the loudspeakers of 8 rooms
  • Manual volume controls on every room
  • Centralized system for live control and status monitoring

Background music in the cabins of a ship

  • One DA250-P in every cabin for stereo music listening
  • One VR4-D that manage indipendently the volumes of four cabins
  • Local source selection

Sauna with relax music

  • Touch button for playlist/music selection
  • External mounting to avoid damage by humidity